Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Faun Fables: Light of a Vaster Dark

The Faun Fables record Light of a Vaster Dark is out today. You can hear my violin (as well as auxiliary background singing, stomping, and yipping) through most of it.

I spent several remarkable years touring, recording, and healing with these folks. We came to many crossroads; we danced and sang and laughed and feasted.

Words won't convey how honored I was, or how grateful I remain, for that experience. So I will just say thank you, Dawn. Thank you, Nils. Thank you, Kirana. Thank you to everyone I met and befriended through this music.

Love always,

yowling gypsies
Standing in front of Half Pint the Winnebago. Salt Lake City, 2007. Photo courtesy of Mattson and Stefanie.

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