Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carnivale Mechanique Gypster Jam at Maker Faire, 2009

Oh, wow! I wasn't even aware there was footage of this:

The Deshret Dance Company, doin' how dey do. Musicking by Nathaniel Johnstone, Jean-Paul Mayden, Jes Brown, Melissa Mayden, et moi.

This was shot last May at Maker Faire. Musician Nathaniel Johnstone --colossal sweetheart that he is-- invited me to come and hang out with him and his buddies at the Carnivale Mechanique camp. We performed several mesmeric, serpentine ditties with the lovely ladies of the Deshret Dance Company. Such a blast! I finally had the chance to hug the stuffing out of a wide assortment of interwub buddies (interwubbies?) in person, and even got to serenade the sunburned masses with Augustus (my battered, beloved Stroh) while seated atop the glorious Hennepin Crawler as it honked and rolled its way through the fairgrounds! Good times.

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