Sunday, May 24, 2009

"A Table Forgotten" music video

Directed by Lara Miranda. Cinematography by Joe Stillwater, Lara Miranda and Op D.A.S. Post production by Ri Crawford and Lara Miranda. Production assistance by Nicole Redden, Michael McCamish and Penny Allman.
(c)2009 Drag City Inc.

Faun Fables
is the main project of musician Dawn McCarthy, a dancing, stomping, strumming master storyteller with one of the most unusual and haunting voices I've ever heard. She, her hubby Nils Frykdahl (of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), multi-instrumentalist Kirana Peyton and I toured the U.S. and Europe together throughout 2007-2008, and recorded "The Table Forgotten" EP for which this video (directed by Lara Miranda) was produced. We had WAY too much fun shooting this up on Mt Diablo over a series of weekend campouts in spring/summer 2008.

From a letter to a friend written during that time:

Imagine being on top of a mountain at dusk in a huge field of golden grass and ancient oaks. Sunset is a blazing pink and indigo. A thick fog rolls in underneath the peak you are standing on, so it feels like you are standing on cliffs overlooking an ocean of clouds. Night falls. Something is glowing under that ocean of clouds. A drowned city.

A huge, healthy pack of coyotes sang to us as we built a fire.

I slept on the roof of our RV and could see nothing but stars. Milky way band, the summer triangle.

Today I sat at the highest peak of a huge pile of boulders called "Elephant Rock" on a fucking naturally occurring stone THRONE. I shit you not. A throne. It was covered with lichen and moss and cradled me. I hated to leave. I have never felt so regal in my life and probably never will again.

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  1. Oooh, a friend sent me a link to this video about two weeks ago ~ what fun! So well done - magical and endearing. Yay!