Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wrap Party / Sneak Peek of “The Narrative of Victor Karloch” (Featuring Music by Meredith Yayanos)

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For the past two years, Kevin McTurk --a world-renowned cinematic effects artist-- has been hard at work on a breathtaking personal project called The Narrative of Victor Karloch. McTurk describes it as a "Victorian ghost story puppet film".

Featuring the voices of Christopher Lloyd, Elijah Wood, and Maurice LaMarche, Karloch combines bunraku style rod puppets, shadow puppetry, and an array of traditional in-camera effects to present a tale from from the journal pages of one Victor Karloch: weatherbeaten alchemist, scholar, and ghost hunter. This film, very much a labor of love for McTurk and his crew, was made possible by grants from Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams Film Series and from The Jim Henson Foundation.

Photo provided by Kevin KcTurk.

As you can see from the above preview, it's a stunning piece of workAnd did I mention that the film's score was provided by Zoe Keating, Lustmord, and... our very own Meredith Yayanos? Yes!

This Thursday, April 19, at Meltdown Comics/NerdMelt Theater in Los Angeles, McTurk will be holding a sneak peek/wrap party reception. There will be a live marionette performance by Eli Presser (one of the film's key puppeteers) and limited edition Narrative of Victor Karloch t-shirts (designed by comics legend Mike Mignola!) available for sale.

Congrats to all involved! Attendees of the wrap party are enthusiastically encouraged to report back in comments.

Karloch illustration and design by Mike Mignola.

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