Thursday, March 29, 2012

LOGOTONE for Warren Ellis

Last St. Paddy's Day, a bunch of loud neighborhood drunks kept me from getting any actual usable mic recording done, so I made this thoroughly antisocial logotone for my beloved ol' chum Warren Ellis. To me, it sounds kinda like a demonically possessed Greek Orthodox choir being chucked down a missile silo with a disgruntled dialup modem. Richard Kadrey says "It sounds like an entire Glenn Branca symphony compressed into a few seconds." Ha! My friend Ben Morris thinks " sounds likes the musical sting [for a video game] leading up to a truly terrifying room or something (the music dropping out as the door is opened to whatever it is)." Hmmm. Ya know... I sure wouldn't mind developing gaming stingers. I wonder how one gets into that particular line o' work!

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