Saturday, April 17, 2010

Half Sick of Shadows, So I Stepped Into The Sun

Hello, darlings. It's been a while. I'm blissing out. How are you?

On an extended trip home to the States. Heading back to Wellywood eventually, but not entirely sure when. Mid summer, maybe.

For the next few weeks I'll be holed up in my old 'hood in Oakland, working intensely on a couple of different albums, as well as sussing out some film scoring, and maybe recording a bit o' Flapjack to boot. Found a wonderful sublet directly behind the downtown Whole Foods that's a stone's throw from Lake Merritt, my old apartment, the palatial Oaktown YMCA, and Danny's recording studio.

oakland bambis

Lately, life has been one long, lovely string of nourishing dinner dates, nurturing conversations, and intensive friggin' art therapy. When I find time, I hang out with the ducks down at the lake, or fly kites, or take joy rides across the Bay Bridge with music blasting, or sip iced dirty chais while perusing the stacks at Moe's or Amoeba's in Berkeley, or just lie on my back in the deep spring grass in Tilden Park and cloudbust. I miss my fella something fierce, but life is good. Life is jam-packed. I feel like a house plant that's been set out on the front stoop after a long, hard winter. I am very grateful for every single particle of light that hits my skin.

I Hella Heart Oakland

Still haven't been able to figure out how to embed mp3s on Blogger, so here's a Tumblr link to a rough, unmixed Parlour Trick track that Dan and I finished up recently. It's called "Half Sick of Shadows" and I'm rather pleased with it. A friend of mine had this to say: "Sounds like the melancholy dead singing to me but they haven’t got words anymore; they don’t know what they want. It’s beautiful and it makes me want to weep, a bit." How strange, to feel so alive, but be channeling this kind of stuff. Still, it works. Perhaps because I know what I want, what I need... and I have finally have it.

Well then. Off to take one of those aforementioned joy rides. G'night.

Bay Bridge Blur


  1. Lovely words, lovely girl... so glad to hear you're in a peaceful state and stretching out in the sunshine.

    And I am determined that I shall see you while you are on this continent.


  2. I was searching desperately for this song (whoops, don't know how I forgot it was on our tumblrs!) and I came across my very own quote.
    How strange and wonderful. At the very least, I am glad to know you didn't think I'd said something quite foolish :P
    I do hope we might see an album version of it soon!
    -S. Elizabeth/