Monday, August 10, 2009

Tearing it UP at Nerd Prom with AFP, Fluffing Hobbits in New Zealand

Just wanted to quickly put up this clip of a performance with my old friend Amanderrrr at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund part at the SDCC a couple weeks ago. We played the shit out of "Missed Me" if I do say so myself! (I don't usually like to boast... but seriously, duders. This is a rare and special bit of passionate hamming.) Check it out:

These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least, what with packing/shipping/storing/moving from Oakland to San Diego to New Zealand. My fella and I now reside in a cozy two bedroom flat not far from Weta Workshop. Landed in Wellington this morning. Sitting on a squishy couch by the window by the harbor with a cuppa tea. Feeling giddy and exhausted and very, very happy. Thanks for reading and listening, and check in soon for more updates on my music-related adventures.


  1. Wellington is a lovely city. Happy on the corner of Tory and Vivian St often has the best music, Midnight Espresso on Cuba St make the best coffee (their cake and vegan food is amazing as well), Radioactive 89fm in the evenings is the best indie radio, and the Aro St Video Shop on Aro St have the best films. Enjoy.

    -- ex-Wellingtonian

  2. What fun! Thanks for posting... sorry I couldn't see you again before you scampered off to Middle Earth. But I know I will still keep up with your various adventures online... ;-)



  3. Wow, that was incredible! Thanks for sharing.